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'Windbag' discussed

Dear ER:
Howard Longacre's letter to the editor (ER, Sept. 2) in which he criticizes [Hermosa Beach] Councilman [Sam] Edgerton as well as a couple of other former members of the council, is truly comical. Funny, I thought a windbag is someone who is a big talker.

Hey, Howard, I have heard you and your friends, Jim Lissner, Parker Herriott, and Donely Falkenstien rant and rave at council meetings for years. Besides making total fools of yourselves, please tell us what you have accomplished for this city including any charity work that you are involved with. I already know about Edgerton, he was involved in the renovation of the Pier Plaza, South Park and is involved in the reconstruction of the pier. He also founded the Beach Cities Toy Drive for underprivileged children in Los Angeles.

Also, Howard, you wouldn't be angry about Edgerton running again unless you think he is going to win. It seems to me that the biggest and loudest windbag around here is you.

Tom Sheg
Hermosa Beach

The straight scoop

Dear ER:
I was sitting in my front yard recently on my walk street and this lunatic, Fred Heubscher, who happens to be running for city council, stopped by. He is said that everything was terrible with our city, and I asked him why. He said that people were parking in front yards and that everyone was partying too much. I asked him if he was a political consultant who just moved here a few years ago. I asked him if he was involved in anything for the city and he basically blew me off. I took that as a big "no." My lasting impression? This is the season to be a political wanna-be. Fred Who, get a life.

Tim Tyndorf
Hermosa Beach

So, there!

Dear ER:
I have but one response to the letter by Fred Huebscher (ER, Sept. 16)..."SO?"

Mike Jorgenson
Hermosa Beach

Missing Either-Or

Dear ER:

Another small bookstore has gone.
Either-Or moved from its long-time home on Pier Avenue to Aviation, with about half the space it had before. Parking for the new place wasn't the easiest either -- only approachable going up hill. But I ordered and brought several books while they were there because I wanted to see them survive.

About a week before the demise I stopped to place an order. New oddball hours were marked over the regular ones on the door sign. I waited for the 10 a.m. opening until 11 a.m., but no one ever showed. I went back later in the day, placed the order with a check for full payment. The young lady stressed the fact that it would take "several weeks" to deliver. I knew better than expect a few days' service because it was always a week or so, and I was in no great hurry for the book anyhow.

I went by the store about two weeks later and it was empty of books -- just empty bookshelves and a scribbled sign on the door: "Employees only." I have heard nothing since.

I did my little bit because I know that small independents are squeezed out by big operators, and I am a small independent graphic designer.

I'm sorry to see that Either-Or is gone.

Virgil Elsner
Redondo Beach

Honorably, openly

Dear ER:
The folks of the Tolkin Group have dealt honorably and openly with the city and its residents since the day they first came to us. Let not anyone think that what I say here is meant to impugn their integrity or denigrate their talents.

However, they do propose a much larger town square that could be used for "concerts, parties and weddings". Spare me that concept. They do propose a space that could (should) be used for a specialty market though they do not propose a market. They do suggest that "your downtown should function as the place you go for your basic goods and services."

I think not. It should function as it almost always has; as a place for locals (in the main) to spend a few hours shopping for the unique; eating at a non-chain restaurant; meeting friends (making friends) for a bite.

The original Metlox plan had a sensible wholeness about it. Not for downtown Manhattan Beach, to be sure, but as a stand-alone project it hung together well. But now that the cutting and pasting has begun it seems as if the goal has become to rescue the project rather than to preserve, appropriately expand, and improve what we now have.

I have recently heard that there are more brides than one would suspect who come all the way to the altar and then, from fear or inspired clarity, turn around and walk right out of the church. Maybe we need to delay our "wedding," as painful as that might be at the moment. Maybe seven contemplate re-engaging after everyone better understands the commitment and the ground rules.

David Wachtfogel
Manhattan Beach

Police support questioned

Dear ER:
I was disappointed to read a letter in this section from the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association with their choice of whom they will be endorsing for the Hermosa Beach City Council.

Is the police department that ecstatic with the state of Hermosa's crime to support a current city council member? I've read in the Easy Reader several times that assaults in Hermosa Beach were up significantly and the Hermosa residents are irate with increased crime and noise disturbances. Did the HBPOA interview any of the other ten candidates who are running in this November's election? Or is this an example of the type of politics Hermosa residents can expect should the HBPOA's candidate win?

Brad Smith
Manhattan Beach

Manhattan burden

Dear ER:
It is 8 p.m., Tuesday, October 21. The Manhattan Beach Council is in recess after having listened to about one half of the people wishing to be heard in regard to the traffic problem on Marine Ave.

A wise man once observed, "There is much to be said on both sides of the issue and I'm afraid both sides will say all of it, so I'm going to reserve judgment until I've heard the whole phony story."

When an ox is gored everybody gets a little blood on them. However, in the case of traffic everyone wants to get the most blood on somebody else.

When the boat is about to be swamped it would help if everyone would help to bail it out. And so it is with traffic. Manhattan is overburdened with traffic for many reasons. All of the streets are paid for by all of the people and all of the people should have access to all of the streets all of the time.

In some ways in Manhattan we share the wealth of our community. In this case we need to share the burden.

Bill Switzer
Manhattan Beach

Birdcage stolen

Dear ER:
This letter is about a white birdcage and stand that was taken from my property recently. If you should be a parent or friend of the person who took this cage, please let that person read the following:

Two children who have been wanting a bird for four years were on their way over for that cage. You saw the bag of food, toys and a pet owner's manual on cockatiels. This was not junk, it was not on the curb. You broke the hearts of two children. Please return it to 719 8th St.

Pat Preiss
Hermosa Beach

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