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Apologies delivered seal sign caper

by John Tawa

Manhattan Beach School Board candidate Tracey Windes said this week that it was time to put last week's theft of signs supporting her candidacy behind her and concentrate on issues pertaining to the Nov. 2 election.

"The issue is over at this point," Windes said. "All the juveniles have called to apologize and will be doing community service of their choice."

Approximately 90 Windes signs were stolen from the front yards of her backers in two separate episodes during the early morning hours Oct. 7 and 9. The Manhattan Beach police detained six juveniles early Saturday morning after 17 signs were discovered in their car. The juveniles, high school girls ages 16 and 17, told police they took the signs as a prank.

Subsequent reports implicated one or more adults in the thefts. Reliable sources have told Easy Reader that the adults who may have had roles in taking the signs include a Mira Costa parent and a Mira Costa cafeteria worker. Their motives were unknown.

"I did receive an apology from someone who said she did it," said Windes, who would not confirm the identity of the culprit. "She said it was meant as a prank and had no idea what the impact would be."

Windes stressed that to her knowledge none of the other candidates was involved and that the woman who apologized was not openly supporting any other candidate.

Of the 90 signs taken, all but 30 have been returned to Windes. The remaining signs, taken from the hill section during the Thursday night theft, are being written off as a loss. ER




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