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Election debate set for evening

A Hermosa Beach candidates' debate, bake sale, and music concert will be 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27 at the Clark Recreation Building, Valley Drive and Eighth Street.

The event, hosted by Easy Reader and the VOICE environmental group, will allow residents who work during the day to hear the candidate's views on issues ranging from the rebuilt downtown, the utility users tax and zoning.

Candidates for city council and city treasurer are scheduled to appear.

Moderator will be ex-councilman and El Camino College professor Lance Widman.

Council mulls ballot measures

The Hermosa Beach City Council is awaiting reports from the city attorney on two initiatives that will come before voters in November 2001.

City Attorney Michael Jenkins called "poorly written" the two initiatives. One would set term limits for city council members and the other would impose a series of restrictions upon community events held in the coastal area west of the greenbelt.

The Los Angeles County Clerk's Office has certified that backers of the initiatives, spearheaded by city council candidate Donley Falkenstien, collected enough signatures to place the measures before voters in the new millenium.

The council directed Jenkins to prepare reports concerning how the initiatives would be implemented if they are voted into law.

The term limit initiative would limit council members to two four-year terms.

The coastal zone initiative is more complicated.

Organizers of beach-area events would have to go through a public hearing process to receive a permit, then face extensive requirements to mitigate noise and parking problems.

A third-party consultant and city staff members would closely monitor each event and prepare detailed public reports including videotapes, photographs, parking surveys and other documents.

The measure also would require the city to use funds from community events to pay for storm water diversion projects, water testing and the construction of a marine research center. ER

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