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Two testify in rape suspect's hearing

by Robb Fulcher

Two women testified that they were frozen with fear as Nicholas Charles Temkey allegedly raped them on separate occasions in an upstairs office and a downstairs janitorial closet of the crowded Beach Club bar on the Pier Plaza in Hermosa Beach. At the time of the alleged rapes Temkey worked as general manager at the Beach Club.

The Tuesday testimony in a Torrance courtroom opened a preliminary hearing to determine whether enough evidence exists to force Temkey to stand trial for allegedly raping four women inside the Beach Club.

Temkey , 31, of Lawndale, has pleaded innocent to four charges of rape and one of penetration with a foreign object. Seated at the defense table and wearing a jail-issue blue jumpsuit, he listened to the testimony, at times shaking his head.

One woman, a San Diego County resident in her 20s, said she was pushed into the janitor's closet and raped late on the night of April 22.

She said that for the first five or 10 seconds of the encounter she returned the kisses of Temkey, who she used to flirt with at the club.

"At that point I wasn't afraid," she said. "I didn't think it was going to go as far as it did."

Then, she said, he grabbed her clothing, and she told him to stop and tried to push him away.

"He put all his body weight against me," she said of Temkey, described by police as 6-feet-4 and 235 pounds with a muscular build.

She said she told Temkey that she wanted to leave, and that a girlfriend was waiting for her.

"He said 'She knows what's going on, she's not waiting for you.' At that point I pretty much figured I wasn't getting out of there, so I froze," the woman said.

She said she left the bar with a friend and collapsed in a nearby parking lot.

"She got distracted, and when she turned away from me I just sank down on my knees and started to cry," the woman said.

Under questioning by defense attorney William Wu of Los Angeles, the woman said she did not try to call for help because she was afraid, and because she did not believe she would be heard over the din of a live band.

She said she had a total of about seven drinks that night, four of them in the form of straight "shots." Both women said that they were given free drinks by Temkey or others at the bar before the attacks occurred.

Under Wu's questioning, she said she returned to the Beach Club in the company of her friend about three times following the alleged attack. She said she returned because she was able to drink there although she was not yet 21.

"There weren't other places I could go. I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I went there because they knew us there and would let us in," she said.

Another woman testified that Temkey met her on a weekend night at the bar and later invited her to the upstairs office.

"There are many times when men have given me their business cards," she said. "I assumed he wanted to get my phone number or give me his business card."

She said he closed the door, apparently locked it, and attacked her.

"He was huge compared to me. It seemed as though he was twice as tall as me and twice as wide as me," she said. "...I was stunned because the whole series of events happened so quickly."

She said she tried unsuccessfully to push Temkey away, and the attack ended when someone knocked on the door. Temkey told her to rearrange her clothing and sit at a desk in the office, she said. He then unlocked the door to admit a fellow bar employee, she said, and she sat silently as the two held a conversation.

"I didn't know what else to do. I was still in a state of shock," she said.

When the fellow employee left she "ran" behind him down the stairs, she said.

She said she found a friend who had accompanied her to the bar.

"I pulled her outside the bar and told her what happened," the woman said. "We sat on a bench and I started crying."

The woman said Temkey came out and her friend "told him what she thought of him."

The woman said she then told Temkey, "You've done this before, haven't you? You've done this before?"

The woman quoted Temkey as saying "Well, if it makes you feel bad I can take you to dinner. If you think I did anything wrong, there's a cop, you can tell him."

The woman said her friend approached an officer, then she filed a report.

Temkey was arrested without incident at the Beach Club on the evening of Aug. 27, with Hermosa police alleging that he attacked two women inside the club.

Temkey appeared in court Aug. 30 and found himself charged with a total of four rapes, after two additional women came forward with accusations. He was returned to Los Angeles County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

The newer charges involved the two additional victims. ER

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