From the Deck

What do you do with a week off?

by Capt'n Jack

When the fish ain't biting ya gotta do sumptin' ya wouldn't regularly do, if ya would, or could, if ya had the time to do it like now. That's what the Captain did. I went to the Fred Hall show in Long Beach where a man or a lady could look at, buy, sell, touch, anything that swims, bobs, dives, or can be trolled in ocean or fresh water. I had the pleasure of going with a Captain friend, Joey Junior, of the 42-foot Sport Fisher out of Long Beach called the "Mad Hatter."

Captain Joey was my designated, "No you don't need that," guy. When ever I would stop to look a sumpt'n he'd shake his head no and I'd get the message.

Now, here are some fishing tips that Captain Joey and I picked up at the fish show. There is some new line out there that is smaller and stronger than the usual stuff on the market. This line gives you a better chance of a bite and it also gives the fish a fighting chance to get away if'n it can break you off.

The new way to make fishing plugs has gone off the scale. They look like and swim like the real thing. The one thing they don't do is stink if you leave them out! What's next, video bait? I can see it now a monitor in the water that suckers the fish to jump in the boat.... The rods and reels are better and not too expensive to keep you from adding one to your stock. The hottest tip was getting up early to use all this stuff. When the fresh light of day hits the horizon you better have bait in the water and be ready. Fish, like us, when they wake up, they want's food.

That was the way it was this week according to Portofino Fuel Dock and Redondo Sport Fishing Pier. Consistent bites on sand bass, sculpin, and a few halibut. The hot ticket was, "Rock Cod!" The breeding period is over and you can now get out there and get some of them little Red Snappers. It's like Heaven; with fish. ER