McCool’s night

McCool’s night at Hennessey’s

Friday night, Hennessey’s patrons disclosed their favorite pick-up lines in exchange for CD’s, whips, and shot glasses promoting the new Liz Tyler, Matt Dillon release One night at McCool’s.

We recommend offering a few beers to the person you’re approaching before anyone trying out any of these lines.

Following are some of the worst lines suggested by Hennessey’s patrons:

"I can tell by the tag on your collar that you must be made in heaven."

"That’s a great outfit, but it would look better as a crumpled heap on my floor."

"I wouldn’t know a pick-up line if I heard one."

"Hey do you hear that ticking? That’s Ms. Baby ‘cuz I’m the bomb." — Jason, Hermosa Beach

"Would you like fries with that whopper?" — Chuck, San Jose.