by Captain Jack

Ashley Kind, 9, and Issie O'Connor, 10, show off their catch of Washington Trout. Now, that's a couple of happy young ladies.

Captain Jack goes to Washington -- State that is...Well Mates, whil'st you were waiting for the weather to change and the bay bite to improve, I jumped on a plane to Seattle, Washington, for Easter vacation, a visit wit family, friends and some fishing. Unlike the LA basin, the weather in Seattle was like springtime in Vermont; every tree, flower, weed, and woman were in bloom. It would rain at nite, sprinkle in the AM and be sunny in the afternoon. The only problem was the spring fishing is closed until April 29 and nobody wanted to drive to the Columbia River for Salmon... So many Salmon you could walk on them. Aarg…

I was like a Catfish in mud up to me gillplates; surrounded by water on all sides and not a soul to throw me back in the river. I spent hours on the phone calling fishing guides pleading for them to take me anywhere. One old fisherman said he quit fishing all together caus'in the new Fish and No Game rules. He sez, "They got the whole thing all screwed up so ya don't know when to fish and for what. Oh, you can go for the Trout but think about it. One tank of gas, a $100 for a fishing license, two to three hours driving time and when you find the fish you can only keep two of them. It just don't add up."

I ask him about the Salmon run of the century on the Columbia River. He goes on, "Look Jack, the Indians have that all sewed up and if you can get on the river you'll be elbow to elbow or boat to boat wit a bunch of red eyed, mad dogs who would slit yer gillet for one of them Salmon. It's safer to go to the market and pay $4.99 a pound for a fillet and cook it at home!" I sez, "You make a good point fella. Thanks for nutt'in." But it didn't end there folks, caus'n Jack would not be denied!

I had planned all along to take my granddaughter, Ashley Kind, and her best friend Isabeau, "Issie," Trout fishing and that was that! Finally, found a private trout stream north of Seattle in Woodinville off Highway 202 where anybody can catch fish; even Captain Jack...Catch we did. All a person would ever want. In two hours Ashley and Issie caught over 20 Trout! At $2 a pound, well you add it up. In one word. Fun! We high tailed it home and had a feast. Oak smoked Trout, Alder wood smoked Trout, baked trout, butter fried Trout, and BBQ’d Trout. We was like pigs in slop. If'in ya want to know where to do this just call Captain Jack. I got all the info...

As to the local fishing, the best bet last week and this week is Rock Cod man! The local sport-fishing boys were yanking them little sweet meated Coddlies up off the bottom one rite after the other. Out on the Islands, wit the good weather, me thinks the back side of Catalina, or San Clemente Island is the de'place wit lots of Yellow Tail and White Sea Bass just waiting to be invited to dinner; at your house. You'll need some fresh candy bait, Squid, a good rod and reel wit some 20 to 25 lb. test line.

From the mountains to the sea, the fresh water boys are happy wit the warm weather caus'in them bucket mouth bass are going to jump rite out of de'water and into your boat! Trout are still snapping in the mountain lakes and Catfish, for those who eats them, are sucking anything you lays in the mud on the bottom. AArg Sez the Captain...

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