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Water recycling plant supplies Chevron refinery, spares bay

Opening the valve to West Basin’s new water recycling plant are (left to right) Santa Monica Bay Keeper executive director Steve Fleischili, Chevron Public Affairs Director Rod Spackman, Chevron refinery manager Gary Yesavage, El Segundo councilwoman Sandra Jacobs, West Basin general manager Darryl Miller, Congresswoman Jane Harman, and West Basin directors Keith McDonald and Michelle Kwan. Photo by Kevin Cody

Over 1.5 million gallons of waste water from the Hyperion Outfall sewage treatment plant will be routed to the Chevron El Segundo refinery rather than the Santa Monica Bay this year.

Chevron will use the water to cool its industrial boilers.

Before the water reaches the Chevron plant it will be treated at a new water recycling plant next to the refinery.

The $24 million plant was built by the West Basis Municipal Water District. It was dedicated last Tuesday by local elected officials, Chevron representatives, the water district, and the Santa Monica Bay Keeper environmental group.

The new recycling plant will satisfy over 80 percent of Chevron’s water needs and 50 percent of the City of El Segundo’s needs.

"This is a high tech solution to an age old problem. It preserves drinking water, protects the ocean and generates jobs," observed Congresswoman Jane Harman. "We are also sending a message to Washington that we need clean water — particularly to President Bush, who has been wavering on environmental issues," Harman said.

The following day Harman addressed a rally in Venice against oil drilling in the Santa Monica Bay. ER