On The Waterfront

Redondo High baseball players admire Rick McIntyre’s baseball bug, which doubles as a pitching machine. McIntyre said he got the baseball bug from the "swash" buckling legal department of a certain Washington State sporting goods company. Photo by Ray Vidal

CRIME DOESN’T PAY: And neither do criminals, it appears. A sign at the South Bay courthouse in Torrance gives the following heads up: "Our clerks are trained to detect counterfeit currency. Any currency that appears to be counterfeit will be confiscated and turned over to law enforcement." Next to that sign was an admonition against rubber checks. Oh well, there goes plan B…

CALLING ALL MEN: S.P.E.RM., the Society for Protection of Equal Rights for Men, headquartered in Redondo, launched a website last week, www.the-sperm.com. Don’t look for this equal rights organization picketing outside the local sperm bank as the group started as an inside joke, said founder Richard Lamb.

"I wanted to start a tongue-in-cheek, equal-rights organization for men. And any good equal rights organization has to have a catchy acronym," Lamb said.

KEEP THE BEACH CLEAN: Assistant City Manager Mary Rooney just couldn’t find a non-suggestive way to address the city council about a visit by two U.S. Navy frigates planned for August (see story page 8). The visit, as Rooney noted, will coincide with the annual Aloha Days surf competition and Hawaiian festival of music and dancing. "It will be nice to have the captains come up and receive a lei," Rooney said, referring to the garlands placed around the necks of visitors. "There’s no way to make that sound good at a council meeting," she added…