Pic of the Week:


by Captain Jack

Captain Gaudet presents life saving boat bags to Harbor Patrol Officers Sgt. Kelly Jones and John Picken who helped save the Ga Day from a watery grave. Also present are l-r, Lt. Pitzer, Fire Chief Aust, Mayor Hill, and Chief Don Herr.

What a Father's Day…

Well Mates, it's that time of year again. The water is warm, almost 70 degrees. The Albacore are moving up from Diego. There's Barracuda as thick as fleas and the Sand Bass are starting to move in for mating season. White Sea Bass are at Rocky Point, but ya have to spear them if ya wants them. Them Calico Bass are getting their colors; meaning they wants to make love, to a fish that is... And, schools out for summer! If'in yer young at heart yer blood got's to be boiling. AArg....

What more could a man or woman want for with conditions perfect for the boating and fishing? A safe summer that's what we all want! And, that is what the Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol intends to provide to all who visit King Harbor. The head harbor guy sez that his entire force will be out there to serve and protect; so's that them drunk, drugged up, stupid nincompoops don't muck up a good day. How many times have ya been anchored up and catching fish when one of them sea cycles buzz by ya and screw up the bite? Well, they better keep their distance or the Harbor Boys will be locking'em up!

To add further safety to yer boating, this last week former submarine Captain, Gary Gaudet of Gaudet Insurance and Gaudet Fishing Charters, gave a Sea Bag to the Mayor of Redondo Beach, Greg Hill. Now, don't get any foul ideas. A sea bag is for to save one's vessel from sinking if'in it starts to taking on water. Others on hand at the Harbor Patrol Offices were the Head Fire Kahuna, Chief Aust, and other chiefdoms.

At this point yer asking yer'self why Captain Jack is writing about this stuff. Causin, sea bags come in different sizes. And, some time ago Captain Gaudet's 38' boat did sink in its slip over at the Portofino. Well, had the harbor patrol had one of them bags, of the rite size, ole Gary's boat could'a been kept afloat. However, ole Gary ain't gonna let this happen again! He fixes his boat, then goes out and buys the rite size bag and donates it to the Harbor Patrol for everybody to use in case of an emergency.

Well, that's just what almost happened this Sunday, Father's Day. Seems new boat owner Chuckie Cheeze on F dock, Portofino, the Baron, starts to sinking. He had purchased the Baron from none other than the VFW Boys, Jerry and Raison. Peg O' Me Heart, also of F dock, noticed that the Baron's bilge pump was running too regular. She calls the Captain here knowing I have Jerry's number. However, the VFW Boys are at a movie watching "Pearl Harbor." Little do they know that while watching movie boats sink, their ole vessel is sinking. So's I calls Harbor Patrol to alert them to the situation and tells 'em, "Hey you know them bags that Captain Gaudet donated this week. You may get to try'em out."

All well that ends well, caus'in, Harbor Patrol locates Chuckie, who locates the boys, who find the leak and save the boat. The bags were never used; but it was nice to have 'em on hand. Hey, we boaters all thank you for yer Father's Day gift Captain Gary Gaudet.

It's always a Ga'day when yer boat don't sink. AArg sez the Captain...

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