By Laylan Connelly

School board workshop set for candidates

By Laylan Connelly

With three Manhattan Beach School Board seats open for election, the school district is offering a free workshop for people in the community who plan to run for office.

The July 27 workshop is designed to give potential candidates information about the district, how to develop a successful campaign, board roles and responsibilities, and filing dates and deadlines.

"We do it because a lot of people do not know if they are interested or what a board member does," said Nancy Bogart, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. "It is an educational session for people who are thinking of running so they know what they are getting into."

The seminar has been offered for the past three election years. This year, Superintendent Jerry Davis and Board President Peter Alfvin will lead the seminar.

Mary Rogers, who has been with the board for ten years, said a variety of office holders, including the superintendent, the president, the board members and the assistants will present overviews of what their responsibilities consist.

Rogers believes the workshops allow citizens to be involved with the election process.

"The goal of the seminar is to make the process as open and inviting as possible," Rogers said. "It has proven to be a worthwhile experience. People get a better feeling of what they are getting involved in."

The deadline for candidates to file for the board seats is August 10. The election is November 6. ER