Redondo man critical

Redondo man critical after high speed chase

by Jason Dietrich

A 23-year old Redondo man was thrown from his convertible sports car after eluding three police vehicles during a joyride through Redondo Beach early Tuesday morning.

Joshua Kakalia was listed in critical condition Wednesday morning at Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after the crash which caused his Mazda Miata to flip several times after striking a light pole, a planter and newspaper racks, and then land on top of a parked car.

Kakalia smelled of alcohol and was in possession of half an ounce of marijuana at the time of the accident, police said. Police estimate the car reached speeds of 100 mph in the chase, which started when officers noticed a convertible silver Miata speeding west on 190th with its headlights off.

Officers tried to follow the car zipping along at an estimated 60 mph but lost sight of it about 10 minutes after midnight near Beryl and Flagler. Nine minutes later, a second officer saw a silver Miata blow a stop sign at the corner of Vail and Robinson at about 60 mph.

The officer tried to pursue the car north on Ringe Lane, but the car sailed through several stop signs and red light and fled north on Aviation Boulevard, losing the officer. A third police unit picked up the vehicle pulling out of a parking lot on Aviation Boulevard.

The Miata sped north on Rosecrans, and as the car neared the stop light at Hindry Street the driver attempted to swerve around stopped vehicles on the right-hand side. The driver appeared to lose control of the sports car, striking the curb, a light post and a newspaper rack, flipping several times, witnesses said, before landing on top of a parked car, sliding off and landing on its wheels. Kakalia was thrown into the street during the collision, and suffered massive head injuries, police said. ER