Council removes no-turn signs

Council removes no-turn signs

by Paul Teetor

Reversing a decision it made six months ago, the City Council voted Tuesday night to remove the "No Right Turn" and "No Left Turn" signs from commercial driveways on Tennyson Street, Keats Street and Longfellow Drive east of Sepulveda Boulevard.

"It was a good idea, and our intentions were honorable," Mayor Walt Dougher said before the council voted unanimously to reverse its earlier decision. "But time has proved that it was not all that great an idea. We all want to reduce traffic in that neighborhood, but this way is too dangerous. The temptation is too great for drivers to scoff at these signs."

Last April, the council voted to install the signs after listening to dozens of residents who insisted something needed to be done about the growing traffic problem in the neighborhood.

Tuesday night, the council listened to another group of neighborhood residents who were just as insistent that the new signs were creating more problems than they solved.

After absorbing the new information, the council was ready to change its mind.

"I see these turn restrictions as a burden on the residents of that neighborhood, so I’m in favor of removing them," Councilmember Steve Napolitano said.

Councilmember Jocye Fahey agreed, with a slight qualifier.

"I’ll vote in favor of removing the signs, but I’m concerned that we need to have a consistent traffic reduction campaign that is consistent in terms of directing cut-through traffic," Fahey said.

One of the neighborhood residents who attended Tuesday night’s meeting, Bob Brigham, said he was pleased by the council’s decision.

"I was opposed to the signs last April, because I saw no benefit to anybody," Brigham said. "There was no logic in putting up those signs, and I’m glad the council finally saw it that way." ER