About Town: redondo Beach

Information clearinghouse

"The Answer Book 2001," a directory of more than 700 organizations and services in areas such as aging, consumer complaints, health, emergency aid, parenting, recreation and youth services is available for sale through the city of Redondo Beach Senior and Family Services, 320 Knob Hill Ave. The books are $15 if bought in person or $20 through the mail. For information call 318-0650.

Senior driving aid

The California Department of Motor Vehicles will offer tests for senior driver’s license renewals 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7 at the Knob Hill Community Center, 320 Knob Hill Ave. The DMV also will process identification cards for seniors and placards for people with disabilities. The services are by appointment, which can be set up by calling 318-0650 or 316-5699 TDD.

Money sent east

Salvation Army volunteers set up their red donation kettles outside Ralphs supermarkets in the beach cities and collected more than $6,000 for disaster relief to New York City over a six-day period ending Sept. 23, officials of the organization said.

Verizon donates $2,500

Verizon Wireless has donated $2,500 to the Beach Cities Health District, which will use the money to print and distribute brochures to help health care professionals identify and refer victims of domestic violence, company officials said.

Verizon officials unveiled the donation at a kickoff event for the health district’s annual month-long domestic violence awareness campaign.

"Domestic abuse is an epidemic that affects every community, including the South bay," said Paula Van Doren of the health district.

Some 960,000 incidents of domestic violence occur each year nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. ER

Police beat

Suspicious man alert

At about 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27 an 11-year -old boy was riding his bicycle near Emerald Street and N. Irena Avenue when a man yelled at him to "come here." The boy began to ride away but noticed that the man was following in a white SUV or pick-up truck with a camper shell. The boy abandoned his bike and ran up to a woman washing her car. The man drove away. The boy was very shaken by the incident. Officers were not able to locate the subject. The school district was notified.

Kidnap suspect arrested

At 6:25 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, Officer Fonteno was dispatched to the 800 block of Avenue "C" on a suspicious circumstances call. There he found a vehicle occupied by a woman who was slumped over sleeping and a small child. The license plate came back with a hit on a missing person. The missing person was the child, who had been in the care of a babysitter (the sleeping female was the babysitter). The child had been missing for over 36 hours. Officer Fonteno recalled seeing a flier on the case sent out by LAPD. The child and the suspect were released to LAPD.

Robbery Suspects Nabbed

Shortly after 2 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 1 officers responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred at Winchell's, 2727 Manhattan Beach Blvd. As officers arrived in the area, Officer Ribitzki was flagged down by a Manhattan Beach officer on 160th Street just east of Inglewood Avenue. Unaware of the robbery, the Manhattan Beach officer had initiated a traffic stop on a blacked-out (no lights on) vehicle that had crossed in front of him at McBain Street and Inglewood Avenue. One of the subjects in the car fit the description of the robbery suspect. Then Officer Martinez located a black bag in a planter of a restaurant on the corner of Inglewood Avenue and 160th Street, no more than 50 feet from the traffic stop location. In the bag he discovered a mask and the weapon used in the robbery along with the cash that was taken. Four suspects were arrested.