Sea Hawk’s 22 point second half isn’t enough

by Lenny Miller

Quarterback Keith Ellison’s 44-yard third quarter run helped the Sea Hawk’s come back from 22-point deficit. Photo by Ray Vidal

An intercepted pass in the end-zone with 20 seconds remaining, thwarted a furious Redondo comeback, allowing Beverly Hills to hold on to a thrilling 31-28 victory in the Bay League opener.

After trailing 28-6 at halftime, Redondo quarterback Keith Ellison rallied his team to a 28-28 tie with just under 11 minutes to play. The comeback in just over a quarter of play was set up by a 44 yard run on a keeper for the quarterback.

The Redondo defense, playing a more physical game, was kept the Normans' offense in check for most of the second half. But with 3:30 remaining in the fourth quarter, Beverly Hills squeezed a 32-yard field goal through the uprights for their first points of the second half.

Behind quarterback Ellison, Redondo came knocking at the door once again, driving the length of the field to the Normans' 12 yard line. On fourth down and two yards to go for the first, and with 33 seconds on the clock, it looked like Redondo was going to attempt a field goal for the tie. But Ellison kept the ball and gave Redondo another first down with 30 seconds to go, inside the 10-yard line. Following a spike to stop the clock at 26 seconds, threw the ball into the end zone where it bounced off of several players before landing into the hands of a Norman for an interception.

"It just didn't bounce our way," said Ellison. "I'm proud of this team. We showed a lot of heart coming back."

The game was a tale of two-halves, dominated by Beverly Hills early on. With no score in the first quarter Beverly Hills compiled 28 second quarter points. Capitalizing on miscues in Redondo's kicking game, as well as a lack of offense by the Sea Hawks, the second half looked grim.

But it looked as if the team's switched jerseys at halftime. Ellison did not did not have a good night throwing the ball. But he was able to run behind his line, setting the stage for the 22 point comeback.

"We're gonna win and die with Keith (Ellison)," coach Gene Simon said. "He's the leader of the football team and you follow the leader."

"We hung around, we had a chance to win and it's hard to believe we didn't," Simon said. Knowing they were right there, Ellison echoed similar thoughts. "We just couldn't get it done tonight," he said

Redondo looks to even it's Bay League record Friday night, traveling to Culver City for a 7 p.m. start. ER