Keegan leads race to raise campaign cash

by Robb Fulcher

Michael Keegan outstripped his rivals in fund-raising as candidates for city council filed the first round of financial reports at City Hall. Keegan had raised $11,596 as of Sept. 22.

Contributing $249 apiece to Keegan were Peer Less Coffee Co. of Oakland, Leahy Associates of Beverly Hills; Earl, Kristie and Brian Keegan of Hermosa; Patti McLaughlin and Daniel and Karen Griebel of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Contributing $200 to Keegan was Lawrence Danlasky of Hermosa. Among the $100 contributors were Hermosans Cris Bennett of Good Stuff restaurant and Dorothy Yost, and Manhattan Beach residents Russ Lesser of Body Glove and Helen Block of Block Actuary Consulting. Former Redondo Councilman Bob Pinzler also gave $100.

Keegan loaned his campaign $5,000.

Art Yoon was running the second best-heeled campaign, raising $5,850. Yoon loaned his campaign $5,000, and received contributions of $250 from John Sieckhaus of Hermosa and Kristina Walsh, a Golden Hills resident who teaches in the Redondo school district. Daniel Revetto of Burbank gave $200.

Incumbent JR Reviczky trailed Yoon closely with $5,535. Contributing $249 were Missy Sheldon of Hermosa, Travers Devine of Redondo, who heads up Hermosa’s official Saint. Patrick’s Day Parade, and F.E. Hitchcock, president of south Bay BMW and a City of Industry resident.

Contributing $199 to Reviczky was former Hermosa Councilman Jack Belasco. Pitching in $150 was Hermosan Michael Damico, the El Camino College police chief.

Among Reviczky’s $100 contributors were Hermosans John Horger, Joanne Hollingsworth, Eugene Kasper, Thomas Sedgewick, Margaret Ziglar, retired schoolteacher Dee Strange, Carol Fleischer, Charles Gronback, Seena Sharp, Silvestre Gonzales, Alana Handman and William Robb, owner of the Treasure Chest store.

Reviczky loaned his campaign $1,300.

Ronald Pizer raised $3,500, all through loans from himself to his campaign.

Pete Tucker raised $2,126. Hermosan Michael Mulligan pitched in $500, while Redondoan D.E. Covington and Kim Komick contributed $250 apiece. Contributing $150 was Hermosan Ann Komick, while Hermosans Dave Garrett, Dan Ericson, Martin Ensberg and Alonzo Felder each contributed $100.

Mary Lou Weiss raised $1,822, receiving contributions of $249 from Torrance Councilman Dan Walker and $100 each from Hermosans Roy Palmer and Alana Handman. Weiss loaned her own campaign $900.

Brian J. Murphy filed papers stating he will not spend more than $1,000 on his campaign, and therefor is not required to identify any campaign donors, city officials said.

Robert Bell, who has dropped out of the race but will appear on the ballot, also stated he will not spend more than $1,000.

Citizens to Protect the UUT, which is campaigning to preserve the city’s 6 percent utility tax raised $7,617. The group is opposing a ballot measure that would repeal the tax.

Contributing $2,100 to the group was Professional and Administration Employees Group of Hermosa Beach. John Dunbabin, husband of Hermosa Councilwoman Kathy Dunbabin, contributed $599, and City Treasurer John Workman pitched in $500. Weiss and Hermosan Franklin Lawson contributed $100. ER