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City studies a boat dock, honors police promotions

by Robb Fulcher

The city council agreed to study the possibility of a floating dock for the end of the Hermosa Beach Pier, and recognized a series of promotions within the Police Department.

Mayor John Bowler on Tuesday said a floating dock might allow lifeguard boats, commercial fishing vessels and tour boats to pull up to the pier, and would allow tour boats to take people from the pier out to US Navy vessels that occasionally visit.

"It could open up a whole series of possibilities," he said.

Bowler and other council members also expressed concerns about maintaining such a structure.

City officials said such a structure could be made to retract into the pier when it wasn’t being used, and could cost about $120,000 to build. Bowler said officials will study a wide range of possible docks, from the "primitive" to the "more elaborate."

On the police front, the council recognized:

In other matters, the council agreed to begin a lengthy process that could allow a handful of residents along Beach Drive near 22nd Street to have their overhead utility lines buried underground at their own expense. Resident Candice Vance said 75 percent of the property owners have signed a petition seeking the "undergrounding" project for what she called "unsightly" and hazardous overhead lines.

The council also agreed to hold a special meeting within a couple of months to discuss the possibility of a building, perhaps an aquarium or a restaurant, at the end of the city pier. ER