Pipeline Part II

Published December 28, 2006

Mira Cost continues
run against Redondo

The next day, Friday December 15, Mira Costa defeated Redondo in three- to five-foot walled waves in super foggy conditions at Hermosa Beach Pier.
Costa’s coach Joe Lederman knows how to get his team rolling buy putting some of his top surfers in the first heat. Matt Grote took third with a couple of hits on the rights. His teammate Kevin Courtney won the heat by launching a huge air and receiving an average score of 8.3. Redondo’s Whitman Bedwell placed second with a roller coaster.
In the second shortboard heat, Costa again dominated. Mike Kornowski earned second with a wrapping roundhouse cutback while David Ruderman won with two huge hits on a right. Alex Bay of Redondo took third with a couple of set rights.
The women’s shortboard heat was one of the hottest of the year. Costa’s Hannah Stiles won with a couple of big drops into some set waves. As for second, there was a three way tie between Alex Martin, Carly Martin, and Redondo’s Cambria Dugally. Each surfer ripped exceptionally hard.
The waves for the longboard heat did lend themselves to the traditional front, but this did not stop Costa’s Jesse Mangingli from noseriding and side-slipping into third place. His teammates, Brent Bowen took second with a radical floater, and Max Krementsky stole the show by stetch-fiving on a long right and pulling a fin-first-take-off into first place.
The bodyboard heat was the best of the season. The close-out waves offered a perfect canvas for an array of boogie maneuvers. Costa’s Rory Relatores won by spinning multiple 360’s on one wave and connecting the tricks into one big maneuver. His teammate Sam Harmon took third with a flying drop-knee floater. Redondo’s Marc Quiros earned second by launching a few airs.
In heat six of the women’s longboard division, Costa ran away with the lead. Hannah Stiles earned third by trimming on the rights. Her teammate, Carly Martin won the heat with a big set right. In second place, Redondo’s Stephanie Vint caught the set lefts.
The shortboard division of heat seven was dominated by Costa’s Nick Kunzer who won the heat by ripping on his hot fish and serving up a filet. Tim Stiles, Kunzer’s teammate, placed third with a roundhouse cutback. Redondo’s Bobby Martin earned second with a lip grind and well performed top turns.
In heat eight, Redondo’s Derek Vaickus won by getting stuffed in the tube. In third, his teammate Nate Bercier had a few solid lefts. Costa’s Dayton Silvia placed second with some solid good turns.
Results: Mira Costa 101, Redondo 66

Redondo recovers
against El Segundo
On December 20, Redondo barely beat El Segundo in one- to three-feet mushy, close to shore breaking, high tide waves, with cold crisp and clear weather at El Porto.
Heat one of the shortboard division began with El Segundo’s Cameron Brown ripping a few top turns into first place. Brown’s teammate, Daniel Truax earned third with some gouging turns. Ryan Fischvogt of Redondo placed second with a couple of text book round house cutbacks.
Heat two was dominated by El Segundo’s Nick Chieppa as he used his local knowledge to fish out the set waves, milking them all the way to shore. Redondo’s Justin Jackman took second with a nice snap as his teammate Skylar Nelson got his hair wet with a head dip to finish third. After these two heats, El Segundo was up 23 to 19.
In the women’s shortboard heat, Redondo took the lead. Julia Warchola (daughter of legendary South Bay surfer Bobby Warchola) won the heat with tight flawless turns on the lefts to the beach. Warchola’s teammate, Emily Flemming, placed third with long lefts. In second place, El Segundo’s Breanna Rees caught the set rights.
The longboard heat was plagued with even mushier waves as the tide kept getting higher. With no real walls to nose ride, El Segundo’s Daniel Truax found a way to cheater five in the shoulder to win the heat. Redondo’s Derek Vaickus placed second with long rights and a couple of bashed lips. His teammate, Bobby Martin earned third with a cruising left.
The bodyboard heat gave the bodyboarders a real challenge in the mediocre breakers. El Segundo’s Tarek El-Sherif won the heat by milking the waves all the way to the beach and pulling any hits off of any lip he could find. El-Sherif’s teammate, Vince Pollastrini, earned second with the same tactic. Redondo’s Marc Quiros took third with a spinner. At the end of heat five the score was tied 51 to 51.
Redondo regained the lead in the women’s longboard hat. Stephanie Vint took second with a couple of top turns. Her teammate, Kelsey Kaszas won the heat by riding the longest left. Breanna Rees kept El Segundo in the contest by placing third with a long right.
The contest was up in the air going into the final two heats. Redondo almost stifled El Segundo’s comeback with Alex Bay winning the heat after ripping a few radical cutbacks and Bobby Martin placing second with a floater. El Segundo’s Evan Murray earned third with a lip bounce. Score at this point Redondo 77, EL Segundo 66.
In heat eight, El Segundo made one last campaign but barely came up short. Pat Boyles won the heat with an exaggerated elevator drop off the lip on a set right. Boyles’ teammate, John Truax, took second with a couple of hits on the lefts. Redondo’s Derek Vaickus placed third with a solid right.
Results:Redondo 83, El Segundo 83 ER