Captain Jack

Spring has sprung!
Published February 21, 2008

Well, Mates, what did I tell ya a few weeks ago? The wooly worms were coming out, the migrating birds are on the fly, bait is boiling off Rocky Point and the fish are biting. Bottom line, hook and line, spring has sprung.

Oh, we could get a wee bit of cool weather again, but it ain’t going to last. I say it’s time to clean off yer gear, wash yer boat and make plans for the re-opening of Rock Cod season.
You know spring has sprung when you see notices of the annual Fred Hall Boat and Fishing Show in Long Beach, scheduled for the week of March 5.

One month later is the planned Halibut Derby out of Marina del Rey. I just hope there be some Halibut for the catching. When the last Halibut is caught, they can renane it the Mackerel Derby.

For those who are tired of taking chances wit them killers of the sea, Sculpin, and soaking bait for Sand Bass, things are looking up for Calico Bass and White Sea Bass. I even got pictures to prove it. Aargggg….

Tons of Candy Bait, squid, are being taken off Rocky, Redondo Pier and now El Segundo. Them Sea Bass has to be checking things out under those bait balls.

Out at the Islands, man, it is too good and getting better by the day. Water is clear, seas calm, plenty of bait and all the fish ya wants in the weeds.

Down Mexico way, like Ensenada and San Quintin, the Red Snappers are snapping and Ling Cod are hammering the iron. There even be some holdover home guard Yellowtail on the rocks.

Now, if’n yer a fresh water kind of guy or gal, I been told the Striped Bass are schooling up the bait. It is an early bite and late.

Problem has been the winds. Now there ain’t no winds and no excuses, it’s even warming up and this weekend should be reel nice.

Even those big fat Bucket Mouth Bass are waking up from they long winter sleep. As the water clears, the bite will be on for the early spawn.

Diver Joe, he say, “Lobster season ends soon. With all this fine weather you better get out there and fill up your sacks.”

He also say, “Ohhhhhhhh, and the water is reel cold, a head rush. If you can’t take it, try using a hoop net.”

Capt’n Jack gets put on notice: Andre the Halibut slayer told ole Jack here, over the weekend, he be putting the Grey Goose back in the water.

“It’s got new paint, a new wheel house, new everything, but if I see you, Jack, following me around while I be looking for flatties, I’m going to give you a new lump on yer head!” say Andre.

I say, “I don’t need to follow you around. I got my own Halibut holes that I stole from you and Martin years ago.”

Aargggggggg, sez the Captain…. ER